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We know it is important for your dog to feel comfortable, so all walks are carried out in your local area. This means the walk begins as soon as we leave the house and it ends as we arrive back.

We always aim to give your dog the longest walk possible unless it is a very wet day then we will return a little early so we can make sure your dog is left dry and clean.

We currently cover the area near Bunbury but it's always best to call us to see if we can help.

Clever Mutts Dog Walks

Walking dogs is what we love to do and is what we spend most of our time doing! We try to keep things simple in terms of pricing and are happy to arrange daily, weekly or even one off walks for your dogs. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us.

from £8

from £10

from £12

from £14

We prefer to only walk dogs from the same household. Prices are for one dog, additional dogs are £3.50.

We only let dogs off their lead if you give us consent. We provide all our own treats, toys and poo bags unless the dog has a specific diet.

Any special requirements such as feeding meals, giving enrichment or admistering medication is all included in the cost.

Clever Mutts Pet Check-ins

We are also happy to offer a check-in service. Some pets are happy being at home while you are out but may need feeding, letting out in the garden or simply some company. If this is the case we are happy to help.

Cats from £6

Small Furries from £6

Exotic/Reptiles from £8